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We are trying to raise funds for planning and legal assistance in fighting this development, please use the secure link below to contribute money by credit card or bank transfer via PayPal.  Please contribute at least £5 to assist us in fighting this development,

***Great Turnout of Support at the Save our Deans Quiz Night***

The local communities turned out in force to show their support for the Save our Deans campaign. This demonstrated clearly the level of opposition to the proposed development. Community spirit is stronger than ever at preventing the destruction of Ovingdean Village and our beautiful landscape. 

The quiz was expertly ran and the food was delicious. We were also fortunate to have been donated some great prizes for the raffle which proved popular. The 'Swinging Badgers' claimed the night with their expert level of  knowledge, winning the quiz by several points.  

A huge thanks to everyone who supported this event. It is vital that in order to keep the momentum of this campaign going, that we utilise experts to evidence our objections.   All of this costs money, so we really do welcome any donations however small. If you are able to offer a donation, please get in touch. Or if you are happy to use Paypal, the link is lower down at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your continued support. 


Planning Hearing 10th May 2017
It's been refused!!

The Meadow Vale planning application for 45 homes is was heard 10th May at the committee meeting, and has been refused 7 against to 5 in favour.

Well done to all our supporters and our council for seeing that the need for housing does not need to mean uncontrolled development.

Meadow Vale is the gateway to our precious Wildlife Corridor, thanks to BHCC its has been saved!

May 2017


BH 2016/05530 Land South of Ovingdean Road

We have been notified of changes to the applicant’s proposals for a 45 dwelling housing estate . Lightwood/Pegasus have posted a series of new documents on B&HCC planning portal dated March 2017 which:

•    Made minor alterations to the layout of the site
•    Accepted DPG’s environmental data, but not made any significant changes to their proposals
•    Encroached further on the area the Urban Fringe report said should not be developed
•    Misrepresented the Council’s planning process. They claim the Urban Fringe Assessment already requires 45 houses to be built – it doesn’t, it just shows areas for possible development. According to B&HCC City Plan, the issue of whether any house will be built, and if so how many, will be decided during the assessment of this planning application. 
•    Continued to ignore landscape issues

Members of the public are being invited to comment on the amendments to the application.

Comments must be made by 21st April 2017.

You can comment online at or in writing to Liz Arnold, City Development and Regeneration, Hove Town Hall, Norton road, Hove BN3 3BQ. Please quote the reference BH2016/05530 and include the words “I object to the application”.


This is an amendment, not a new application, so previous objections to this application are still valid.

BUT if you have any FURTHER POINTS to make or if you want CONFIRM YOUR OPPOSITION - please do so.

The scheme remains WHOLLY INAPPROPRIATE and a suitable confirmation comment might be: 

'I have already objected to this application of BH2016/l05530. Following the recent amendments I confirm that my objection to the application for 45 dwellings still stands.'

We now have over 400 objections which is a fantastic number, we really appreciate all your support, and the effort that you have made.
Thank you for your support!!

Welcome to the Save our Deans website. If you are here to make  donation for the ongoing costs to fight this housing estate, please scroll down this page to the PayPal link. If you are not familiar with PayPal, you are able to bank transfer. Details of which are  also on this page. If you have any questions about how the money will be spent, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support.

​​​Beautiful MEADOW VALE has been used as horse paddocks for centuries but is being targeted by developers. These fields - to the west of the Falmer Road as you come into Ovingdean – are in Rottingdean Parish and form the green gap between Rottingdean and Ovingdean. They were protected by Brighton and Hove Council as valued green space until 2014. Since then, after government intervention, they have been the subject of speculative planning applications by a company which does not own the site but wants to make a profit out of changing its use. 

Originally proposing hundreds of houses on several sites in this area, the developer’s first planning application for a densely built housing estate of 100 dwellings, and later 85, was refused by the council and dismissed on appeal. A second application for 45 dwellings was also refused earlier this year. 

The developers have spent large sums of money on numerous (sometimes inaccurate) reports and planning documents and on their legal team (including a QC) and have told us that they are determined to win their campaign to put a housing estate on this exceptional, species rich and valued pasture. 

Last year they waited for the summer to submit their planning appeal – hoping local people would be enjoying summer holidays and not inclined to fight. But they did not bargain on the strength of feeling in our villages. Local residents wrote many hundreds of letters of objection and the Deans Preservation Group (DPG) submitted two significant reports. The planning inspector turned down the appeal. 

The developers are now appealing against the council’s refusal of their second application for 45 dwellings and this appeal will take the form of a public inquiry.

Deans Preservation Group will be doing everything it can to fight this appeal – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. Since the last appeal, our ecologists have determined that the site is exceptionally species rich, supporting some rare and protected species of plants and invertebrates. It also has a large population of endangered red star thistle which cannot be re-sited. 

Many of the proposed houses are large - 4/5 bedroom units – so there may be 100 extra cars travelling through the village and to Rottingdean and Woodingdean. This will increase air pollution in Rottingdean High Street which is already at dangerous levels. 

We know the country needs affordable housing - but housing must be built on appropriate sites. There can be no justification for building on this semi-rural location. The site is within the civil parish of Rottingdean where planned housing stock has already increased significantly and this development is completely unnecessary. 
Although received in August, the appeal went live on 20th October and we are telling our supporters what action they should take. 

The DPG needs to raise several thousands of pounds to fight the appeal.  A few donations have been received, but we urgently need more and hope residents will support us, as this is so important for our villages. 


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